Friday, 11 May 2012

Marley's Advice

You sit there and you shake
As the wind blows through your coat and makes your bones ache
Even though its June, and others
Run around in T-Shirts and on scooters, but nobody bothers you
As you sit, lost in your own head
Selfishly neglecting the external world where you fear to tread
And intellectually you know
You don't have it so bad, you're not alone on pavement with nowhere to go
But some demon of melancholy
Has nested in your soul, so you don't feel whole, not wholly
Or Holy or blessed
But merely lucky and selfish in a sense of unrest
Is that fair to assume?
You think you're the only person to exhume, and examine
The excavations of your life
When the strife you experience cuts like a knife
When it shouldn't
You could talk to your mum, or your dad, but they "couldn't
Know what its like"
But they've been there too, and so have they and so have I
You are never as alone as you feel
Its just chemicals in your mind making you unreel
Til it feels so unreal
Like you exist in some imagined kind of monochrome
Existence, like Truman's Dome
That's constructed specifically to make you feel alone
But you're not
Never forget that
No matter how far your ship sinks, or how much of a twat
You feel like. Every single person on Earth
From Wall Street suits to Aussie dudes in the surf
Has been there
You'll be up before long
And whatever the song in the soundtrack to your life is
It will lift and it will fit
It will lift
As trite as it sounds, it is true what Bob says
Every little thing is gonna be OK

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